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The Journey Towards Better Connectivity

For professionals, a big part of the job is travelling and increasingly, this means getting work done on the go. In order to do this, we need technology which supports modern demands. Mobile devices have revolutionised the way we work, yet we still face a huge barrier to our productivity while on the move, namely […]

Mobile can be the saviour of connectivity woes

Having launched our own national roaming SIM, Jump, we understand the necessity of a reliable connection. So, when Comms Business put connectivity on the agenda for their November issue, we felt well-placed to provide our opinion. To get our thoughts on fixed versus LTE connectivity, read our full comment: In recent years, the need for […]

Ofcom Market Report Response

Every year, we await the Ofcom Communications Market Report with interest, and every year, we spend hours of our time pouring over the data held within. In truth, it now covers such a diverse array of services and audience, that the finer details are all-too often forgotten, and as we all know, the devil’s in […]

What’s the point of MVNOs?

In July’s edition of Comms Business, we discussed the role that MVNOs have to play in our industry. To find out why we believe that MVNOs can be a vital part of the telecoms market, read our full feature: Sometimes, it’s important to look back in order to look forward. MVNOs aren’t new, but to […]

Walking before we can run with LTE

A recent report by Which? investigating 4G across the UK has singled out Middlesbrough as the area with the best 4G coverage, with 83% availability. The same report, which tested coverage in 20 major UK cities, placed Bournemouth as the worst area for 4G connectivity with 67.5% availability. The report also highlighted the inconsistency of coverage across the […]

Customers must come first

If you pick up a newspaper, or read a telecoms industry magazine, you’re likely to see stories about mobile, landline and broadband providers having poor customer service. For an industry which enables communication, technology businesses often struggle to converse well with their customers. The telecoms industry has recently encountered an improvement in its customer service […]

M2M, connecting retailers with consumers

As M2M technology advances, and more individuals and businesses are realising the potential of what it can do for them, it’s beginning to truly fulfil its potential. IoT will become much more widespread, with a recent study, ‘The Internet of Things: Today and Tomorrow’, showing that 85% of businesses intend to implement IoT by 2019[1]. […]

Let’s not get excited by 5G just yet

The Spring Budget was revealed earlier this month by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and while there was a promising pledge of £270 million towards funding of technological developments, we at 24 Seven were somewhat surprised by one of Philip Hammond’s topics of discussion. Among his promises to invest millions in placing the UK at […]

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