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Revenue Share Numbers

Revenue share numbers are an easy way to create instant revenue streams for your business with minimal effort. They allow you to boost your revenue while also creating an official, recognisable image that appeals to customers nationwide.


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The Benefits

Earn money with every minute

As the longest running and most established business numbers, 084 and 087 revenue share numbers are easy for customers to recognise and remember. These revenue share business numbers allow you to make money from calls, thereby offsetting overheads and creating a more efficient system. The price of these calls encourages a professional image and streamlines the enquiry process, so you only receive serious business calls. There are now regulations for 084 and 087 numbers that require the price of calls to be clearly advertised and this should always be considered in a marketing strategy.

  • 0843


    Earn 2.5p per minute from calls to your business

  • 0844


    Earn 2.5p per minute from calls to your business

  • 0845


    Earn 2.5p per minute from calls to your business

  • 0870


    Earn 6p per minute from calls to your business

  • 0871


    Earn 6p per minute from calls to your business


Publish Your Service Charge

There has been a lot of media press and confusion over calling an 084 or 087 number in the past. Ofcom regulations have since applied an unbundled tariff to such numbers – thereby splitting the charge into two parts.

The Access Charge is how much your phone company will charge you per minute for making the call to any 084/087 numbers.

The Service Charge is the charge that is set by the provider of the service e.g. 24 Seven.

Under Ofcom’s policy you will need to state the service charge for any service numbers given in your marketing materials, and make clear that an access charge applies. The Advertising Standards Authority recommend this format:

“Calls cost Xp per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge.”

Our Service Charges

O84 Numbers  –  7p per minute

087 Numbers  –  13p per minute

Please note that all Phone Numbers are subject to a 12 month contract.

Phone Number

Extras Explained

  • Welcome Message

    Give your business a professionally recorded welcome. Simply upload your welcome prompt or contact us to have one professionally created.

  • Personalised Voicemail Greeting

    Record your own voicemail greeting.

  • Call Statistics

    Gain a greater understanding of your call traffic.

  • Voicemail to Email

    Voicemails can be sent to an email as a sound file attachment.

  • Call Whisper

    Alerts you before you speak to the caller, who is calling. For example you can set it up so you hear 2 beeps for a diverted business call before you actually speak.

  • Multiple Diverts

    Diverts calls to more than one number. Follow allows up to four numbers to be tried in sequence. When switched off this will only use the first divert.

  • Time of Day Routing

    This function allows you to set your Working Hours. If a call is received outside of these hours, it plays your 'out of hours' message before going to voicemail if set.

  • Custom Connection Message

    Whilst your customers are waiting on the line you can play them a message, advert or even music.

  • Keypad Options

    This allows you to set up 9 different options, along with the standard call divert acting as default. Each option can be configured independently of the others and routed to up to 4 destinations including a distinct whisper message and voicemail greeting. You can also set up different email destinations for your voicemail for each dial pad number.

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