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Mobile Call Recording

Say hello to a new way to think about MIFID II. If you are a financial regulated organisation, the new year is bringing more than your new year resolutions. At 24 Seven, we have developed a network portal to solve all regulatory and compliance requirements for the financial services.

Mobile Call Recording

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    Plus £5 per month storage with a Jump SIM

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Where Compliance Rewards

At first glance, new legislation like MIFID II is nothing more than a headache. However with Mobile Call Recording from 24 Seven, you’ll be armed with a SIM technology that can help you grow your business through intelligent insight generation as well as adhering to the authorities.

  • 1. Recording

    Record calls to and from your mobile phone, all calls are recorded in real time

  • 2. Unlimited Call Storage

    Easily and securely records and stores all calls on the 24 Seven network giving you unlimited storage and access.

  • 3. Flexibility

    Customisable address books can be created to exclude numbers from recording or vice versa.

  • 4. Personalised Notifications

    Personalised automated recording announcement informs callers the call is being recorded before the call.

  • 5. Recording Control

    You can access all recordings in real time through your unique login on the 24 Seven Portal.

  • 6. No Hardware

    There is no additional software or hardware required, all recordings take place via the 24 Seven network.

How it works

In 3 easy steps...

  • 1.The Call

    The user makes or receives a call

  • 2.The Network

    The call is passed through the 24 Seven Network and recording starts

  • 3.Unlimited Storage

    All recorded calls have unlimited storage and can be accessed at anytime

  • All you need is JUMP

    This Mobile Call Recording solution is available to you with any JUMP SIM. All you have to do is choose the tariff that is right for you. Don't worry about having to change your existing number, we can change it all over for you!
  • The Multi Network SIM

    As an added benefit, Jump works with multiple mobile networks for the price of one. This means your mobile automatically jumps to the network provider with the strongest signal wherever you are.
  • Tariffs start at £13 / mth

    Jump tariffs have been designed in such a way to give you as much flexibility you as you should need. With tariffs starting from as little as £13 you can choose the amount of calls, texts and data you will need.
  • Get in touch

    Please call our sales team to help you find the perfect tariff for you.

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