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Enterprise Business

We can enhance your business

We Can Enhance Your Business

With Cost Savings and a Streamlined Network

As an Enterprise Business you may be in offices that you have had for years, or using telecoms solutions and providers that you never felt the need to change as they got the job done. However it is always worth shopping around. We are extremely competitive and are happy to look through your current bills and show you where we can slash your costs.

Adam’s cost savings

Adam’s accountancy firm were having a major overhaul in their offices. They had invested in modernising the whole building and with it decided to look at all their current telecoms providers. Adam contacted 24 Seven about Business Line Rental. He was impressed with their solutions, as well as managing to slash his existing costs in half!
Business Line Rental

Jayne wants the votes to keep coming

Jayne organises a lot of charity events and is always looking for ways to generate even more money in a fun and interactive way. Recently she has added voting options to her many events. Whether she is hosting a take on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ or a Gentleman’s Auction Dinner, the audience have the opportunity to vote by text or call and bid using her Revenue Share lines. The participants love it and so does her extra revenue stream!
Revenue Share Numbers

Marcus's expansion turned future proof

Marcus had a whole department expanding into another building across town. They needed to be set up very quickly however getting phone lines in without a lot of mess was causing problems. He decided to turn the entire company over to a Hosted Telephony service and is delighted. Another headache gone and his business is future proof for even more expansion.
Hosted Telephony

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We are sure one of our solutions below will enhance your business in ways you had not of imagined. Please have a read through and contact us if you want to talk about any bespoke packages or solutions…

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