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0300 Not For Profit Numbers

An 0300 number is a special type of landline-rate phone number used by government bodies, the public sector, charities and not-for-profit organisations.

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The Benefits of 0300 Not For Profit Numbers

Recognised and Trusted for Donations

Recognised as official phone numbers for charities and non-profit organisations, 0300 Not For Profit numbers create a sense of trust, reliability and professionalism. The ideal way to attract donations, a 0300 number puts your official status beyond doubt, and makes potential donors more likely to engage with your organisation. When used with a particularly memorable number sequence, these numbers can have the effect of increasing call volumes and bringing in more donations for charitable organisations.

  • 1. Attract Donations

    A 0300 number gains, trust, reliability and professionalism

  • 2. Increase Call Volumes

    Official non-profit numbers receive higher call rates than standard numbers

  • 3. Brand Identity

    A 0300 number can be a vital tool in an organisations marketing strategy

Please note that all Phone Numbers are subject to a 12 month contract.

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Extras Explained

  • Welcome Message

    Give your business a professionally recorded welcome. Simply upload your welcome prompt or contact us to have one professionally created.

  • Personalised Voicemail Greeting

    Record your own voicemail greeting.

  • Call Statistics

    Gain a greater understanding of your call traffic.

  • Voicemail to Email

    Voicemails can be sent to an email as a sound file attachment.

  • Call Whisper

    Alerts you before you speak to the caller, who is calling. For example you can set it up so you hear 2 beeps for a diverted business call before you actually speak.

  • Multiple Diverts

    Diverts calls to more than one number. Follow allows up to four numbers to be tried in sequence. When switched off this will only use the first divert.

  • Time of Day Routing

    This function allows you to set your Working Hours. If a call is received outside of these hours, it plays your 'out of hours' message before going to voicemail if set.

  • Custom Connection Message

    Whilst your customers are waiting on the line you can play them a message, advert or even music.

  • Keypad Options

    This allows you to set up 9 different options, along with the standard call divert acting as default. Each option can be configured independently of the others and routed to up to 4 destinations including a distinct whisper message and voicemail greeting. You can also set up different email destinations for your voicemail for each dial pad number.

  • Inclusive Minutes

    Inclusive minutes in the call packages, start as soon as the call is connected on the inbound number.