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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Direct your callers to the relevant department by using our Interactive Voice Response service. Highly effective at reducing call abandon rates, managing call queues and improving customer service. However big or small your company is you can present a professional image to your customers.

As IVR is such a bespoke service, get in touch today and speak to one of our experts for more information…

The Benefits

Direct all calls to the correct department

Our IVR service allows you to manage high levels of incoming calls easily and effectively. Planning your customer call route will help prevent call abandonment, long queues and speaking to the wrong person. Creating a bespoke, intelligent call handling service can boost the image and efficiency of your business and therefore enhance your customer relations.

  • 1. Personalised Call Route

    Dial 1 for Customer Service, Dial 2 for Accounts...

  • 2. Reduce Abandoned Calls

    Keep callers on the line by directing their call with efficiency rather than long queues

  • 3. Enhanced Customer Service

    Giving your customers an easier route to call will build customer relations

  • 4. Manage Call Traffic Effectively

    By giving the caller the opportunity to choose which department they need to speak to, call traffic can be directed in a much speedier way

  • 5. Choose Voice Artists

    You can choose the perfect voice for your company to keep your callers happy

  • 6. One Man Band

    If you are a small company you can create a perception of a much larger one by directing calls, even if they are being received by the same person!

How it works

  • You have the option

    Every IVR service is bespoke for every individual customer, as you all have different needs. With our Premium package you have full control to build your IVR yourself, however if you need help we are happy to build it for you.

  • Enhance your brand identity

    You can select a voice artist and personalise your messages in relation to your company and brand

  • Call direction options

    Choose from a variety of call direction options:- voice recognition, keypad controls or both!

  • Contact Us

    Please contact us on 08000 247 247 and our customer advisors will guide you through the process

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