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Switch your Business Line Rental from BT

Special Offer

1. Calls upto 83% cheaper than BT
2. Line Rental upto 14% cheaper than BT
3. 5 Star Customer Service
4. NO contracts

Why not send us your bill and see how much we could save you.

Line Rental

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    cheaper than BT

    Send us your bill and see how much you can save!

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The Benefits

Hassle Free Switch

Thinking about changing your line rental provider? With us you can keep your existing number and switch your service provider with minimal disruption. No matter how many lines you have, you will receive one fully itemised monthly bill. This service is available for resellers and direct clients.

Landline calls upto 83% cheaper: 24 Seven = 1p per min / BT analogue value business tariff = 6p per min
Mobile calls upto 30% cheaper: 24 Seven = 7p per min / BT analogue value business tariff = 10p per min
Line rental upto 14% cheaper: 24 Seven = £15 per month / BT value business tariff = £17.50 per month
Contract lengths: 24 Seven = Zero / BT value business tariff = 2 years; BT ISDN2e tariff = 5 years


  • 1. Hassle free switch

    We can switch your phone line with minimal disruption

  • 2. Keep your number

    No need to change your phone number, we will transfer it for you

  • 3. Cost saving

    We will look at your current bill and advise where costs can be slashed

  • 4. Dedicated Account Handler

    A dedicated account handler for your business

  • 5. Monthly Bill

    One fully itemised monthly bill for all your lines

Switching is simple

You can either give us a call on 08000 247 247 or email us at info@24seven.co.uk.

We will show you where you can slash your line rental costs, explain the extra features you can have on your lines and take you through our 24 Seven LIVE online management portal. The switch is done virtually with no need for engineer call outs or visits. If you need a brand new line installed, we can arrange this for you too.

Switch now!

Line Rental – £15 a month

Landline calls – 1p per min

Mobile calls – 7p per min

Contract Length – Zero

Why not send us your bill and see how much we could save you.

Let us help you switch!

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