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Small Business

We can enhance your business

We can enhance your business

With solutions you didn't know you needed!

We are all masters of our own skills however as a Small Business owner you sometimes need to step out of your comfort zone and become a master of areas of business you are not familiar with. Have a look at our range of Telecoms Solutions below, we are sure there will be something that could enhance your business that you may of not even heard of…

Ian wanted a great number but not the extras!

Ian wanted a great phone number for the side of his van. He wanted the number to be memorable but was not bothered about having a lot of minutes or fancy extras. 24 Seven’s custom package plan offered him the best solution. He was able to get a Gold ‘Rare’ number, with a basic package, meaning the total price came in cheaper than anywhere else.
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Helen’s shop space is valuable

Helen is a florist and works out of a small shop. She places and receives a lot of her daily orders through fax and loves the ease of Digital Faxing. No more large fax machine taking up valuable space and no more piles of paperwork, or even boxes of paper to keep it stocked! She can literally send and receive all her faxes from her laptop or even her phone!
Digital Faxing

Jessica likes the personal touch

Jessica has her own boutique and sources cool brands from all over the world. As much as email is a great tool she loves building relationships with all the suppliers and designers she meets. For her that’s in a weekly conversation catching up and talking through her latest ideas. Without Low Cost International Calls she dreads to think the thousands of pounds it could cost her to keep in touch!
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We are sure one of our solutions below will enhance your business in ways you had not of imagined. Please have a read through and contact us if you want to talk about any bespoke packages or solutions…

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