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Medium business

We can enhance your business

We can enhance your business

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As a medium sized business, you may have expanded from a smaller start up or you may be proud of your brand and niche slice of the market. Whichever it is, we are sure you have high expectations of reaching dizzy heights of growth and we are here to help you achieve those goals.

Antony likes to speak to everyone at once

Antony has a UK website that is expanding into Europe. He has daily calls with offices in Leeds, London and Amsterdam and uses the 24 Seven Conference Calling facility all the time. With different functions of the business in different cities he doesn't know how his business would have grown without it.
Conference Calling

Mark and MIFID II Compliance

Mark has a team of financial advisors based all over the UK. Many of them work from home and travel to visit clients at their own homes. Due to new legislation MIFID II, coming into place in January 2018 he had to ensure the full team had a Mobile Call Recording facility. Jump powered by 24 Seven provided the most robust and affordable solution.
Mobile Call Recording

Sam shows a professional front

Sam is a thriving entrepreneur who started her bespoke concierge service on her own and has built it up to 20 full time staff, as well as part time consultants. From day one she invested in an Interactive Voice Response service, giving callers the option to go through to customer services, accounts etc. Even though it was her at the end of each option, as she believed it presented the company in a much larger and professional way.

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