Hold the phone! You’re ready to switch to a new telecoms provider?

This is excellent news. By now you know why you should make the line switch: to get a better phone package for your busy office, helping you boost the business.

But the work isn’t over yet … now you have to pick a provider. There are a lot of deals on the market, each with their own benefits.

So what makes 24 Seven so special? You’re about to find out. Learn why switching to 24 Seven’s line rental can be as worthwhile as moving to Barbados. Plus, discover the business-boosting features on offer alongside a new telephone number purchase.

An Easy, Breezy Switch

line switch

We don’t make a meal out of switching. It’s as easy as pie. Assuming you have an existing line, the switch takes place virtually. That means no expensive engineer call out fees or equipment charges.

Thanks to a super-fast and hassle-free line switch, you won’t suffer from a mountain of downtime impacting business. Your new line will be live in record speeds; your callers won’t have to wait to get through to you during the transition.

Also, you can keep your existing phone number if you prefer. Avoid the effort and outlay of advertising a new number after you move to us.

Special Features

Like your favourite film’s carefully crafted special features, we have created some fantastic business number add-ons, many of which won’t cost you extra.

24 Seven Live, for example, is free for anyone who purchases a new number from us. It’s an online portal that allows customers to view daily call reports.

That means your call handlers have access to critical information they need – such as number called or caller location – to work more efficiently. They can also pass call data to marketing to help them measure the impact of their campaigns so they can polish them to perfection.

In addition to call statistics, when you buy our Basic telephone package you unlock a personalised voicemail and welcome message. You can either record one yourself or choose from a range of voice artists to help you craft an on-brand, sleek message boosting your business’ professionalism.

Faults Fears, Be Gone!

You can simply make the line switch to 24 Seven and benefit from top-notch customer service.

Or you can take the next step and buy a new number from us. That’s when things truly get exciting …

When you purchase 24 Seven digits, your calls will pass through our network which is as sturdy as an Egyptian pyramid. We run multiple sites, so in the rare event of a network failure, your line will be transferred to a backup network. That means customers who use a 24 Seven number experience uptime 99.99% of the time.

Connection delays as a result of high traffic can wreak havoc on productivity. Purchase a number from us and you’ll never suffer from phone rage and loss of time: our personal network has a robust and high-quality connection that won’t waver even on your busiest days.

Awesome Affordability

We even offer zero contracts for businesses. So, if you don’t know exactly what the future holds, feel content knowing that you can cancel your line rental at any time without early cancellation fees burning a hole in your pocket.

Providers that use BT-owned lines (BT, TalkTalk, Plusnet and Sky) have to raise their fees for line rental when the wholesale cost increases. Which is inevitable but lousy because the expense is passed to customers.

Avoid these fee increases by moving to 24 Seven. We currently absorb any line cost inflations, so when we say our customers benefit from a fixed price guarantee, we mean it.

Our phone number deals don’t cost the earth either. Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise, you can build your package from scratch. Choose how many inclusive minutes you need and select any additional features that take your fancy. The power is with you to pick a package you can afford.

Customer Service You Can Rave About

Have you ever put the phone down after a customer support call and thought, Why can’t all my problems be solved as effortlessly as this?

This is the 24 Seven experience: our personal gift to you. We love to reward our customers with telephone support they can truly depend on. We understand how frustrating it is to be passed from pillar to post when you simply need help. Which is why we provide a single point of contact for every customer.

When you make the line switch to us, you gain a dedicated account handler. They might not know what you had for lunch but they will know everything essential about your business. No more repeating yourself. Just fast fixes and the support you need in no time from a highly-personal service.

The best part? You don’t have to pay extra to speed up problem solving. Unlike BT that charges you for quicker repairs (you have to upgrade your care level), we aim to help our customers as soon as they pick up the phone.

A Leap into the Future

Technology defines the tomorrow of telecoms. Ultimately, it’s a journey towards perfecting communication for the human experience. Can you see the value in that for your business?

When you become a 24 Seven customer, you’re investing in a telecoms provider that’s always looking to the horizon. You can depend on us to consistently deliver cutting-edge telephony tech that’ll help you stay ahead of the curve.

Is this something you could get on board with? Then dial our digits – 08000 247 247 – for a chat about switching your line rental and business telephone number to 24 Seven. We can’t wait to hear from you.