Having launched our own national roaming SIM, Jump, we understand the necessity of a reliable connection. So, when Comms Business put connectivity on the agenda for their November issue, we felt well-placed to provide our opinion. To get our thoughts on fixed versus LTE connectivity, read our full comment:

In recent years, the need for LTE connectivity has grown alongside general demand. Despite the improvements in coverage and reliability of 3G and 4G, households and businesses are still very much reliant on fixed connections.

There appears to be a widespread view that fixed connections are much more reliable than 4G, but is that really the case? It’s not uncommon for fixed connections to have outages, due to a whole manner of reasons, which of course isn’t ideal when we so heavily rely on staying connected. When a fixed connection encounters problems, it can take days, if not weeks to remedy the problem, which most businesses would find debilitating.

Mobile connectivity on the other hand, has become increasingly reliable, and when it does go wrong, is an issue which for the most part is solved within a matter of hours, rather than the weeks it can take to reinstate a fixed connection. In many cases, we’re now hearing that 4G is being adopted as a back-up connection, suggesting that in cases where fixed connections encounter problems, mobile connectivity is perceived as a suitable alternative. If 4G was rolled out to its full potential, mobile connectivity may have the potential to be a genuine first choice.

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