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"As a reseller, I encounter a lot of demand from my clients for national roaming devices. We are always keen to cater for our customer's needs, but all too often unsure which network would best suit these requirements, until we found 24 Seven and Jump. Their unique offering is much more convenient and adaptable than what is typically available and has potential across a range of sectors.

The Jump portal was exactly the solution we needed but couldn't find elsewhere. It gives us complete control of SIM connections and suspensions which is fantastic. It also keeps us in control rather than giving power away to providers.

We can continue to sell our own connections tailored to unique requirements, direct to our clients without having to directly involve major networks, eliminating the headache of customer service hotlines. It's given us the ability to provide a smooth and easy process for our customers. The team at 24 Seven, and my contact Vinny, in particular, really took the time out to make sure this was the right solution. With 24 Seven, we're providing a service that wouldn't be possible if we had to work directly with the big providers."

Noel Sesto

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