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0800 Freephone Numbers

0800 numbers are free to call from UK landlines and mobiles, making them powerful marketing tools for any business.

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Freephone means your customers can call you for free

Make your business stand out with a 0800 freephone number to communicate trust and reliability to your customers. In addition to being more memorable than other numbers, they also provide a sense of formality and the impression of a large company.

Choosing an 0800 number can increase your call rates, improve your brand image and heighten the quality of customer engagement. Easy to set up, these are the ideal business phone numbers for increasing your impact and giving the right impression to potential customers.

  • 1. Increase Call Volume

    An 0800 number can increase call volumes by 185%

  • 2. Enhance Customer Satisfaction

    0800 numbers put customers at ease

  • 3. Attract more customers UK wide

    A national number improves brand image and creates a larger customer base

  • 4. Improve Return on Investment

    Increased trust and reliability makes sales more attainable


Your 0800 Freephone Number

Here at 24 Seven we understand that every business has different wants and needs. This is why we designed the Custom Package Builder. It puts the flexibility and choice of options in your hands so to create the most affordable package that’s right for you. Please note that all Phone Numbers are subject to a 12 month contract.

Create your custom package

Simply click on an option in each row below to select your perfect package.
Your monthly total cost will be generated for you at the bottom.

    • 1

      1 Number rental

      • Bronze

        £ 2
        Basic number
      • Silver

        £ 5
        Attractive number
      • Gold

        £ 10
        Outstanding number
      • Platinum

        £ 50
        Spectacular number
        + FREE Premium Extras
        (choose Premium below and discount will be applied at checkout)
    • 2

      2 Call Package

      • Zero

        £ 0
        Divert to Landline or Mobile
        0 inclusive minutes
        All calls 10p/min
      • 100

        £ 4
        100 inclusive mins
        Divert to landline or mobile
        All extra mins are charged 7p/min for landline and mobile
        *No Hidden Charges or Surcharges
      • 400

        £ 16
        400 inclusive mins
        Divert to landline or mobile
        All extra mins are charged 7p/min for landline and mobile
        *No Hidden Charges or Surcharges
      • 800

        £ 32
        800 inclusive mins
        Divert to landline or mobile
        All extra mins are charged 7p/min for landline and mobile
        *No Hidden Charges or Surcharges
    • 3

      3 Phone number extras

      • Basic

        £ 0
        Welcome message
        Personalised Voicemail Greeting
        Call Statistics
        Voicemail to email

        All Extras explained below
      • Essential

        £ 10
        Includes the Basic Package plus:-
        Call Whisper
        Multiple Diverts
        Time of Day Routing
        Custom Connection Prompt

        All Extras explained below
      • Premium

        £ 15
        Includes the Basic and Essential Packages plus:-
        Keypad Options

        All Extras explained below
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    If you cant find the number you want please contact the 24 Seven sales team for assistance, click here.

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Please note: 24 Seven do not charge you extra for calls to your 0800 number originating from a mobile. Many providers add a surcharge of upto 7p per minute. Be sure you know of any hidden charges before connecting with anyone else.

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Extras Explained

  • Welcome Message

    Give your business a professionally recorded welcome. Simply upload your welcome prompt or contact us to have one professionally created.

  • Personalised Voicemail Greeting

    Record your own voicemail greeting.

  • Call Statistics

    Gain a greater understanding of your call traffic.

  • Voicemail to Email

    Voicemails can be sent to an email as a sound file attachment.

  • Call Whisper

    Alerts you before you speak to the caller, who is calling. Really useful when you have multiple diverts pointing to one phone number. For example you can set it up so you hear 2 beeps for a business contact or 1 long beep for a personal contact.

  • Multiple Diverts

    Diverts calls to more than one number. Follow allows up to four numbers to be tried in sequence. When switched off this will only use the first divert.

  • Time of Day Routing

    This function allows you to set your Working Hours. If a call is received outside of these hours, it plays your 'out of hours' message before going to voicemail if set.

  • Custom Connection Message

    Whilst your customers are waiting on the line you can play them a message, advert or even music.

  • Keypad Options

    This allows you to set up 9 different options, along with the standard call divert acting as default. Each option can be configured independently of the others and routed to up to 4 destinations including a distinct whisper message and voicemail greeting. You can also set up different email destinations for your voicemail for each dial pad number.

  • Inclusive Minutes

    Inclusive minutes in the call packages, start as soon as the call is connected on the inbound number.