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Securing connectivity for assistive technology

Suresafe Alarms are a telecare and assistive technology company, specialising in the creation of products catering to the needs of the elderly, ensuring a level of independence and dignity. Their device allows the user to request help whenever it's needed.

Suresafe needed to find a multi-network SIM provider to use in their product, which could provide a better service, more suited to their requirements. By working with 24 Seven, Suresafe found that they could provide a level of reliability which they had struggled to find in other solutions providers.

24 Seven began working on a tailored set up which was specially developed to perfectly fit Suresafe's needs, and those of their customers. Suresafe began using the Jump® SIM in their products, and 24 Seven have led the development of an accompanying portal, created to meet Suresafe's specifications.

Daniel Westhead, Owner at Suresafe said: "24 Seven were very responsive to our needs, applying their "can do" attitude to find us a solution which was perfectly tailored for us. By working with them, we were able to provide a significantly more reliable product and service to those who rely on it."

"The results following our work with 24 Seven have been fantastic. We have seen a decline in customer queries and issues. In the future, when developing any SIM based devices, 24 Seven will be the first company we contact. They have proved themselves to be very flexible, helpful and knowledgeable, helping us find the perfect solution. In an industry such as ours, the roaming feature is critical."

By using 24 Seven's Jump® SIM in their products, Suresafe have been able to improve their service, making their products even more reliable. In Suresafe's industry, their solutions can be the difference between life and death, so it is absolutely vital that they are dependable and unfailing, and this is something that 24 Seven has helped them to offer.

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