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Better coverage for better care with Lifemax

Lifemax supply a vast range of products designed to make life easier, safer and more accessible, primarily to the elderly and the disabled. Lots of people rely on Lifemax products to maintain their independence and quality of life, so, when Lifemax needed a roaming SIM for one of their new products, they began searching for a reliable solution provider, and found 24 Seven.

When developing their new care alarm, the FriendsandFamily SOS button, Lifemax needed to ensure that loss of single network coverage would not prevent the user from getting the help they need, as quickly as possible. It was through this research that Lifemax began developing the device using national roaming technology provided by 24 Seven.

Andrew Sivyer, Managing Director of Lifemax said: "24 Seven were very responsive to our needs, and guided us through an area of technology that was new to us, something we didn't get from other suppliers. Technology is an effective enabler in helping disabled and elderly people to maintain their independence and safety, but in order for this to work, that technology must be reliable. 24 Seven helped us to bring an extra level of security and resilience to the FriendsandFamily SOS button through the use of their Jump® SIM."

"As a care alarm, it's vital that the product can maintain signal where possible, to ensure the customer is protected as much as possible, and Jump® has allowed us to provide this, and it is fundamental to the success of this product. The feedback from our customers on the product has been overwhelmingly positive. We were impressed by the systems 24 Seven made available to us, and what those have allowed us to do, as well as the reasonable pricing."

"Following the success of our use of the Jump® SIM, we hope to work closely with 24 Seven in the future in the development of other new products, including a new telecare range and service, to provide our customers with a more user-friendly experience of telecoms. The Jump® SIM is a brilliant enabler for the sector we operate in, and 24 Seven have proved themselves to be a reliable, helpful and capable technology partner, and we look forward to seeing where our work with them can take us, and what it can do for our customers."

Through the use of 24 Seven's innovative Jump® SIM, Lifemax have been able to provide a high quality and reliable service for their customers, who rely heavily on products such as the FriendsandFamily SOS button. The potential for the use of national roaming solutions in the care industry is vast and can prove to be life changing. With the help of technology like Jump®, the care industry can go a long way to ensure that elderly and disabled people are safe, allowing them to maintain their independence, while also giving those around them peace of mind and reassurance.

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