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Marketing company Inspire helps businesses to attract customers, motivate staff and reward members through sales promotions, competitions and points schemes.

The Challenge

Project Manager at Inspire, Ian Staton, initially approached us to set up a range of phone lines for a competition being run by one of their clients. Along with the caller's competition entry, they wished to capture customer data.

The Creative Approach

By utilising our Data Warehouse, we were able to give Inspire access to live stats for analysis - including the number and location of each caller, and length of time spent on the phone. We also recommended adding an Interactive Voice Response to the lines so calls could be routed more efficiently.

The Results

Over the past three years, we've run campaigns for Inspire on a regular basis, many of which have been based outside of the UK. Measuring the effectiveness of individual advertisements has been made possible by assigning each ad with a unique phone line number.

We've also offered Inspire a number of added‑value services to further improve the service offered to their clients. This includes Call Recording for the purpose of staff training, meaning the agency has been able to offer better customer service and pass on simpler solutions to their clients.

"Our business is all about customer orders. We first contacted 24 Seven to obtain a specific number to improve customer service. Their input was invaluable and they took the trouble to look at our business and recommend ways to enhance our telecoms infrastructure. We also required international call routing to roll out European distribution and 24 Seven delivered on this also."

Jonny Gould, Director

"I really liked the call analysis tools 24 Seven offered - and data can be accessed live, so we can study the traffic being generated as each competition opens. Once lines close, we also access recordings of calls stored in the Data Warehouse. This allows us to improve the caller experience by giving feedback to our staff. 24 Seven's call reporting and analysis portal has been essential to our evaluation of marketing campaigns."

Ian Staton, Project Manager

"24 Seven were able to sell us number ranges - as many other telecoms outfits can. What appealed to me was all the additional benefits they offered. Our account handler worked with us to come up with several ways to improve what we offer our clients. I also like how well maintained their network is. It is very reassuring to know the lines I sell to my clients are so reliable. 24 Seven's drive to improve how we support our customers is second to none."

Shaun Freeman, Company Director

"Having to chase a supplier to get issues sorted is never acceptable. With 24 Seven, I can speak to one person and know they'll be on it straight away. They were always on hand and never let us down."

Geoff Bell, Director

"Customer service is what I see as 24 Seven's core. They're always incredibly fast at getting back to me with a resolution, and passing you on to another department just doesn't happen. Looking back at our two businesses, it amazes me how far we've come. The latest service I've taken them up on is their free conference calling solution which is exactly the same quality as ones I've paid through the nose for!"

David Morris, Director

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